Saturday, October 12, 2013

iPad Mini Tablet Most Responsive

iPad Mini Tablet Most Responsive
iPad Mini Tablet Most Responsive - Agawi cloud based gaming company announced the results of the test back on the touch screen . This time the test was to compare a tablet device to find the most responsive
Test called Touchmarks II was conducted on Tuesday ( 08/10/2013 ) by comparing the iOS -based tablet devices , Android , and Windows . As a result, the iPad mini be the fastest .
This test is done with Touchscope method , which measures the time lag when the user touches the screen to bring up the speed of the application that requested the user through touch .
The test results are shown in units of milliseconds . Minimum of 50 times the experiment is done on each device .
Minimum test through the App Response Times ( MART ) appears Apple has the advantage of others . iPad mini appears in the first rank , followed by iPad 4 .
Previously , the iPhone is also called more responsive than Android devices upper class . ( Read : More iPhone than Android Responsive Upper Class )
While Android -based devices can only be rated by Nvidia's third- Shield . Even the Galaxy Tab 3 is the final ranking of the responsiveness test results .
Slight difference seen between ratings of 1 to 4 , with a difference of a few milliseconds only. iPad mini with 75ms , followed by iPad 4 81 ms , 92 ms Nvidia Shield , and Surface RT 95MS .
The small amount that made the difference this time is called will be felt when the device is used for playing games or interactive music application ( mixing tool) . Two types of applications that require a high response rate .

Android Watches Made in Sony

Android Watches Made in Sony
Android Watches Made in Sony - Sony Mobile made ​​a surprise re- release of Android -based smart watches , Sony SmartWatch 2 . Compared to the previous series , the successor SmartWatch this second edition has had the advantage of water resistance .
Director of Marketing Xperia Sony Mobile Communications Callum MacDougall said , the user typically holds the phone many times in a day to read the message , check the time , see and make social networking updates , use your favorite applications , taking pictures , listening to music to playing video games .
" With this device , users can control the phone without the need to remove the phone from your pocket or purse , " Callum said during a press conference at the Jumeirah Hotel , Shanghai , China ( 06/25/2013 ) .
Callum added to this device , the user can combine the form and function into one that is a multifunction watches , reminders , Android interface , and remote control handset . Social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook are also available in this smart timepiece .
Latest features from the previous successor is connectivity Near Field Communications ( NFC ) for pairing touch , especially with the latest mobile phone output anything Sony . With this feature , the phone can connect to a wireless headset , portable speaker , up to Sony's television output .
When try , waterproof watches are similar to normal hours on the market . The difference is, this watch has a number of features that distinguish the ordinary watches .
On the right side , this watch has a Power button ( still wearing OmniBalance design , similar to the design used in the Sony Xperia and Xperia Z Z Ultra ) . On the left side , there's only mobile phone that also used the USB plug to the power outlet .
This smart watches can last up to four days . If not used anything else , only serves as a clock , SmartWatch 2 can hold up to a week .
In front of the screen , watch chains made ​​from aluminum and aluminum body , this analog clock interface . There is no any button on the face of the screen , because it has the look like other Android phones , the Home button , Back button and an application to shift up and down .
On the touch screen , watch also has a number of functions that can be selected by sliding the screen like on other Android phones . Just because the screen size is only 1.6 inches , the screen resolution is only 220 x 176 pixels .

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Samsung Mobile Display Curved Artificial

Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Mobile Display Curved Artificial - Shortly after the leaked image looks , Samsung designed the world's first smartphone with a curved screen and will be available in October 10 later in Korea .This is the smartphone with the World's First Curved Display Besutan This Samsung smartphone with the World's First Curved Display Besutan SamsungUndoubtedly , if the spotlight here is the curved screen . Sebuat looks super flexible AMOLED screen with a resolution of 5.7 -inch full HD ( 1920 x 1080 pixels ) .The rest , Samsung smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Round is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 , 3GB of RAM , 32GB of internal memory is built -in , as well as additional microSD slot in addition to storage capacity . There is a section 13MP camera berkakap belajang and 2MP on the front .Samsung Galaxy Round has dimensions of 151.1 x 79.6 x 7.9mm and weighs 154gram . Samsung Galaxy Round 2.800mAh powered with a battery capacity with the operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean .Samsung Galaxy Round will be sold to the market at a price range of $ 1,000 or the equivalent of nearly 10 million for one unit .

HTC Evo Offer Free Data and Phone

HTC Evo Offer Free Data and Phone - You feel less affordable operator data plan ? There is good news a startup ( the company longer ) wireless data FreedomPop provide free data services throughout the lifetime of the phone .Reported by PhoneArena , Wednesday, October 2, 2013 , FreedomPop provide 500 Mb of data , 500 text messages and 200 minutes of calls per month for free .Not only that , if the user is not satisfied , the startup offers voive service upgrades and unlimited SMS at a cost of U.S. $ 10.99 per month equivalent Rp126.000 alone .The scheme is claimed to be saving 80-90 percent of the services of other operators . And if calculated easily , users will save U.S. $ 1,000 equivalent of Rp11 , 4 million per year .But great deals are only valid on certain devices . FreedomPop just bundling this offer on the HTC Evo Design FreedomPop version .The phone itself is priced U.S. $ 99 equivalent Rp1 , 2 million . The startup says it will continue to expand the service to various Android devices until the end of this year ." FreedomPop change the mobile market with the sole purpose of bringing better value to the consumer . Our mission is to ensure everyone has access to affordable , comfortable and getting a basic communications services , " said Stephen Stokols , CEO and Founder of FreedomPop .Wireless data firms that also offer free 4G data through the stew of empty carrier network .Yankee Group senior analyst , Rich Karpinski , praised the bid FreedomPop released . According to merge vioce cheaper price through mobile technology internet protocol ( IP ) memmunculkan new business and can provide options for consumers .Unfortunately, the offer can not be present in Indonesia.

More iPhone 6 will screen width

iPhone 6
More iPhone 6 will screen width - Not until three weeks Apple launched its new mobile phone iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C , has been widely circulated news about the iPhone 6 design . It is said , the latest generation of the iPhone will carry a wider screen .BGR launch , October 9, 2013 , the Company Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said the iPhone 6 will at least have a 4.8 -inch landscape display ." Today, consumers are crave, desire widescreen phones . Course , Apple does not want to compete with Android phones which on average have a big screen , " said Misek .In line with Misek , an analyst with DisplaySearch , David Hsieh said that Apple does not mess around designing a new generation of iPhone . Made by Steve Jobs' company is said to have set up two widescreen sizes with high resolution ." Based on information from sources in Apple's supply chain products , the company is reviewing two panel screen measuring 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches with full HD 1080p resolution , " said Hsieh .DisplaySearch also predicted , Apple products that will be released in the next year to increase the screen resolution . For example , for the second -generation iPad Mini will have a screen resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels , and 12.9 -inch iPad with a resolution of 2,732 x 2,048 pixels .While the MacBook Air is expected to be 12-inch , 2,304 x 1,440 pixels resolution . And , for a 55 -inch flat screen televisions 65 inches and has a resolution of 4K or known by the name of " Ultra High Definition Television " or UHD TV .Apple smart watches , iWatch , also adopted a flexible AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels

Friday, August 23, 2013

Instagram Browsed The Windows Phone

Instagram On Windows Phone
Instagram Browsed The Windows Phone - One of the social networks are now being popularly used i.e. Instagram, reportedly will be coming soon for Windows Phone platform hosts Nokia.

After Chris Weber, who is also the Executive Vice President of Nokia reveals that the photo and video sharing application Instagram will be coming soon for Windows Phone.

Although not clearly notified when would definitely return, but later Windows Phone users can also enjoy the app Instagram on Windows Phone that once could only be enjoyed by users of Android and iPhone.

Nokia has managed to slowly reveal the success of Windows Phone application development. Some notable applications reportedly also has committed to make its application on Windows Phone such as Path, Flipboard and Vine.

Although the global market is still inferior to Windows Phone Android and iPhone to reach 79 percent and 13 percent, but remained optimistic for Windows Phone can compete.

LG Launches Android Smartphone Ready To Slide

LG Launches Android Smartphone Ready To Slide - In the near future soon launched the LG android phone with a sliding qwerty keybord displays.

Smartphone called the LG Enact this 22 August will be marketed as quoted from phone area, Tuesday (20/8/2013).

Jelly bean Smartphone is equipped with 3 inch wide screen plus battery 2.460 mAh, so it does not need to be frequently refilled. But ahead of the launch, there has been no information about the price of this smartphone.

LG is expected to Enact may allow the user to operate. In conjunction with the LG also launched LGĂ‚, Enact Exalt. LG Exalt itself is shaped like a flip phone design.

The phone is equipped with 2.4 inch screen and a 2 MP camera. As with any LG mobile, Enact this also has not been informed of related cost