5 Home and Property Options You Might Not Have Thought Of

When it comes to your home and property, have you explored all of your possible options? You might want to purchase one of the many custom show homes in Red deer after you see one, or just get inspired to plant some fruit trees in your yard. Here are five home and property ideas you might not have ever considered but are well worth a try.

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Read on to find out more and maybe even incorporate some of these ideas into your current or future home and property!

5 Home and Property Options You Might Not Have Thought Of

  1. Get a custom, ready-made show home.

Custom show homes are one of the most convenient options that you can have for a home. Instead of having to hire an engineer or architect and do construction with a Red Deer home builder (which is still always a good option), you can just have one of these custom show homes ready made and placed on your property. Check them out and see what you think, and if you still don’t like them you can always go with a Red Deer home builder.

  1. Consider installing a greenhouse on your property.

A greenhouse is a great way to add value to your property and create a space where you can tend to plants and even vegetables and fruit year round. No matter where you live, a greenhouse is a great addition to any property if you have space and the extra time and money to set one up. You can protect your plants during the colder months and then generate a nice area with temperature and sun when you want to be in a good climate but it’s horrible outside!

  1. Plant fruit trees instead of simply decorative trees.

If you’re going to have a yard and be planting trees that you’re paying for, why not ensure that you get your money’s worth over the years? Planting trees that produce food is a brilliant idea if you have the space for it on your land and you’re not going to be using pesticides or weed control but just mowing. Whether it’s apples, pears, or even a nut tree, you can really get some amazing free produce from a tree that would otherwise just display leaves. Although pretty, it’s nice to be able to go out and pick some fruit from your very own miniature orchard.

  1. Having a chicken coop in your backyard.

A few chickens can really help you to get nice eggs and add a rural aspect to your home! They can pick out bugs on your property if you are going more homestead or just provide you with dozens of eggs and some unique pets that kids will be super interested in interacting with (and naming too). Chicks are affordable and with a few books you can look up how to care for them and generate some free eggs to eat and give to neighbours.

  1. Going with some solar powered tech.

Installing solar panels and generating your own energy is huge, and with the tech getting smarter every year, it’s worth looking into. Cut back on your utility bill or even generate energy that can be used by the hydro companies and get paid!

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