What is a Collective Agreement in Burnaby, BC?

A collective agreement is an agreement between a trade union and an association of employers regarding the working and pay terms and conditions or other issues relating to work.

collective agreements

As far as the employees are concerned, the party to the agreement is the trade union. On the other side, the party to the agreement could either be a single employer or a group of employers. It is very important to have all these types of agreements in writing.

The fundamental type of issues between parties is usually regulated by a basic agreement. However, more specific problems are settled in collective agreements for each sector. Problems that are relevant to individual enterprises are generally regulated in special agreements.

With a lot of debate surrounding parental leave, it is important to look at a few major changes that may affect the policy for parental leave in Burnaby, BC. Should this type of leave be divided between both parents?

This change in the policy of parental leave in Burnaby, BC can mean that new mothers have the option to go back to work a lot sooner than they would otherwise have done. This new change could also mean men can be able to spend more quality time with their newborns.

The primary reason behind this change is to endorse the fact that modern women have their own careers and can make a better living than men.

It is not possible to run a successful business single handedly. The owner of the business has to hire several people who can manage, report back and carry out the actual manual work. What this means is that the business organization will consist of the owner, manager and all other employees. A trade union is an organization that helps protect the right and interests of employees.

The history of trade unions dates back to the 15th century in Europe where an organization aimed to safeguard several professions through advancement control and skill management. Although the older guild system can’t be compared with a labour union today, it can be referred to as the forerunner of a union.

The industrial revolution that took place introduced a large number of new labourers into the workforce. As the worker previously stayed at home, when he was hired to work in an industry, he demanded better wages and improved working conditions. As a result, several trade unions popped up all across the globe.

All sorts of conflicts must be handled by both parties in accordance with the specific requirements and interests of both parties. Therefore, it is important to pick a good union leader. Selecting a good union leader will not only keep the union together, but the employees can rest assured that their leader will do his best to protect and advance their rights.

Thus, the role of trade unions in advancing the rights of employees and workers cannot be denied. They have always been looking to incorporate some effective changes in terms of the salary and compensation system. They are an indispensable part of today’s business activity.

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