Landscaping With Decorative Boulders in Edmonton – Unleash Your Creative Nature!

Planning your landscaping with boulders is so much fun and the end result can be very rewarding. The landscape design of your home should be in harmony with the home’s architectural design. But what if you are tired of the same old shrubs and flower beds that look the same as all others in your neighbourhood? Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time to consider some landscape redesigning, and put to use some decorative boulders.


You will realize that this is a fairly easy thing to do. First of all, take stock of what you have now. Look at every piece that makes up your current landscaping, including all bushes, trees, garden ornaments, flower beds, and so on. Think of a few ways of relocating some landscape items in a manner that would include landscape boulders. If you are looking for an exciting way of creating a natural-looking landscape, adding those decorative boulders could be the ticket. These rocks can make your landscape very beautiful and unique.

If you are going to landscape your garden with decorative boulders, a lot of preparation is required. It is crucial to have boulders of different shapes and sizes in groupings. After you have come up with a plan and chosen the boulders and other materials such as sand and gravel in Edmonton from a landscaping yard, they will have to be delivered. The boulders have to be carefully set in place, normally by machine.

It is necessary to preplan before the boulders are permanently positioned. The area has to be leveled so that the boulders can sit properly, and indentations made for the larger rocks. It is important to make it appear that the boulders have always been there. Decorative rocks or boulders should always be set into the ground instead of just being placed on top. Sand and gravel in Edmonton can be used to ensure that the boulders are firmly attached to the ground. After the rocks are in place, soil and plants can be placed around them for a natural look.

The size of the boulders used should match the size of the garden. If large boulders are used in a small garden, they would look out of place. Similarly, using many small rocks in a spacious garden would be equally odd. Boulders should always be placed in groups, preferably 3-5, and all of them of different shapes and sizes. One taller rock, accompanied by a horizontal one and a low flat one makes a pleasing group of decorative rocks. Space should be left between the boulders for small grasses, plants or an interesting shrub.

Another thing that should be carefully selected is the colour. Picking the wrong colour of rocks can ruin the entire landscape. You can choose attractive boulders in Edmonton that have colours that complement the colour of your house, or use neutrals such as gray or tans. You could even match different tones of a single colour, or mix different coloured decorative boulders in an area for a more exciting look. Choose boulder colours that suit the landscaping mood you are trying to achieve.

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