Restaurant fire prevention and suppression in Edmonton

Restaurant fire prevention and suppression

Restaurants are one of the most fire prone places. In a restaurant kitchen one could find various things like flames, gas cylinders and pipes, cooking oils, electrical equipment, cleaning chemicals, etc, which are highly prone to catch fire. All it takes is a small spark with all these highly flammable things to turn it into a big fire. Hence it is very important that any restaurant ought to be taking proper care in preventing the occurrence of a fire and also have fire suppression systems in place which would help mitigate the fire at the earliest instance.

Creating an environment which would reduce the risk of fire occurrence is very important along with installing a fire suppression system. Due diligence and proper care in ensuring that the right practices are in place will help to reduce the probability of a fire accident. Things like ensuring that the grease and other oily substances are properly cleaned, regular inspection of pipes for any gas leaks, checking wiring , and the design and placement of various things in the kitchen (not placing highly flammable substances near electrical sockets or gas lines) will reduce the probability of a fire accident occurring. However, in spite of this due diligence, a restaurant will always run the risk of having a fire accident. With the extent of losses that restaurants have to suffer in case of a fire accident, it would be prudent to invest in setting up a reliable fire suppression system.

A fire suppression system will help with dousing the fire when it occurs, thereby preventing it from becoming a major fire and mitigating the prospective losses. There are various suppression systems that can be used by restaurants with one of the most popular mechanisms being the fire suppression system directly attached to gas lines. One of the reasons for major fires in restaurants is the proximity to the gas lines and cylinders. Once a minor fire gets in contact with the gas, it turns into a major fire in a very short period of time. This type of suppression system will trip and automatically cut off access to gas lines once a fire is detected.

This suppression system only works to an extent, as there are other substances available in a kitchen which could catch fire and lead to fire accidents. However, there are alternatives available which would help to suppress fire in such instances. Restaurant fire sprinkler systems in Edmonton are the leading choice for many restaurant owners. Under this mechanism, a system of sprinklers and connecting pipes are built in the restaurant with access to water or other wet chemicals which would turn on and spray the liquid in case of any fire. This sprinkler system is activated when the ceiling temperature crosses a set limit. With access to huge quantities of water, these restaurant fire sprinkler systems will be able to function and douse any fires by the time the firefighters come. The functioning success rate is considered to be around 98%.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, the occurrence of a flood like situation is very rare and most probably would not happen in a life time. Regular checks for any leakages in water pipes (caused due to corrosion), and having anti freezing technology (especially necessary for a cold country like Canada) will help to ensure that the system is functioning correctly in case of a fire breakout. The high efficiency in dousing the fire and preventing the risks makes the restaurant fire sprinkler systems one of the better fire supression systems in Edmonton that are available.

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