Simple, Low Cost Ways to Improve Insulation on Windows and Doors in Edmonton

Simple Low Cost Ways to Improve Insulation on Windows and Doors

There are times when you can’t easily replace old windows and doors in Edmonton but you still need to insulate them. It may be because of a tight budget or because it is an old house with strong historic significance and you need to keep the old doors and windows. Whatever the case may be, with simple strategies like weather stripping and caulking, you can improve window and door insulation in Edmonton.

Apply Caulking and Weather stripping

One of the best ways to get the best insulation around your windows and doors in Edmonton is to plug every crack where air can pass in or out of the home. Weather stripping and caulking are among the simplest and least expensive methods for plugging leaks and preventing drafts, due to gaps and tiny cracks around your window frames.

You may use caulk within and outside the house. Use it to plug all areas where air is likely come in or move out of the house and then use weather stripping in the window sash. Caulk can effectively seal cracks that are less than a quarter of an inch wide on the stationary parts of your window. This method of insulation is one of the most economical and it can drastically reduce the cost of energy bills within a year.

Install Drapes or Shades

Using curtains is an effective way to improve the insulation around your windows and doors. During summer, lighter drapes will suffice although you may need to keep them drawn to reduce the incoming light and radiation, so you can keep a consistent temperature around the house. In the colder months, you may replace the drapes with heavy curtains.

Cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades) can provide effective insulation for your doors and windows. They have a unique design with the layers of fabric forming air pockets when you lower them. The pockets of air serve as a barrier against incoming hot or cold air. In addition, they reduce external noise.

Install Window Panels

If caulking and draperies do not provide adequate insulation in Edmonton, you can install insulating window panels. These panels basically consist of insulating material inside a metal or wooden frame, which seals tightly on the inner side of your window frame with velcro or magnets. Since they are not permanent, they can easily be taken off and used again during the next winter season.

Use Window Films

Plastic window films may be installed by a professional or by an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. The most basic form of window film is the heat shrink film. It looks like a thick plastic wrap and it can be cut into sheets which fit the specific measurements of any window. After attaching it to the window frame, the film is shrunk to create a better seal with a drying machine or hair dryer. This type of insulation works best on windows or doors, which you don’t want to open often.

Those are some of the best ways to improve the insulation around your windows and doors in Edmonton. The methods here are easy to implement and they work both in summer and winter.


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