Two things every truck enthusiast should have in Vancouver

We all love trucks. They can carry anything from rocks to delicate antique furniture. You’re scared of carrying stuff in the back of your truck because it might be rained on, right? When the weather decides to get nasty we’re forced to postpone our journeys. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. If only there was another way. Wait, actually there is – getting a truck cap. Hey! Just because all your stuff won’t fit in the truck doesn’t mean you will have to leave it. Get extra space – this is what truck canopies were designed for. Besides giving you extra carriage space, they also save on gas, so they say! If you’ll be moving around, they are a worthwhile investment. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

Truck canopies

Added security. Passers-by will no longer be able to steal those small items, unless you forget to lock the back. Truck canopies are one way to ensure your valuable items don’t end up in the wrong hands – literally. You wouldn’t mind a little more privacy, would you? While securing your things from the rain and itchy hands, truck caps keep nosy eyes away.

Improved fuel consumption. Physics dictates that improving your truck’s aerodynamics increases fuel economy. Truck canopies eliminate wind drag and make sure your car is streamlined. So, the wind that was initially dragging your truck from the open bed is eliminated.

If you are like me, I like to protect my cargo. Who knows what mother nature will throw at your load. It might be dust, rain or even snow. While keeping your cargo protected from the sun, they also add style to your truck. Who doesn’t want to be stylish? They come in a wide array of sizes, colours, shapes, and designs. There is always a perfect cap for each truck. Get one that matches your truck’s colour. Heck, there are even customized ones.

If I was asked what my second favourite truck accessory is, I would say it’s the snowboard rack. Obviously, the cap comes first. But snowboard racks in Vancouver are a must-have accessory for every winter sport enthusiast that loves convenience. With them, you’re guaranteed your car won’t be scratched, and neither will snow find its way inside. If you’re in Vancouver, get a snowboard rack. Unless you want to go up the mountain squeezed at the back of the truck with your snowboard making you uncomfortable. Those who know how uncomfortable it is leaning against other passengers in the backseat when the snowboard eats up all the space will tell you how important a snowboard rack is. They will readily invest in one before winter comes and the games begin. Pro tip: When shopping for snowboard racks in Vancouver, consider how many snowboards you need to carry.

In any case, don’t worry, because you won’t regret buying one. Of course, you can remove it anytime you want. It’s easier to load and offload stuff without the cap but then, you’ll risk your stuff getting wet during fall/winter. As long as you have extra space to store it, you’ll never make a mistake buying one. Have fun keeping your stuff dry!

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