Weight truck scales in Edmonton

A weighing scale for trucks is a large type of scale that is normally placed permanently onto a foundation made out of concrete. It can also be mounted in a pit whereby the equipment used for weighing is below and the surface used for weighing is at the same level with the road. They are used to measure both vehicles and their contents. Once a vehicle has been weighed when loaded and unloaded, the exact weight of the load can then be calculated. The load cell is the component which takes the measurements.

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Uses of Weight Truck Scales

These scales mainly have two uses. They include the following:

  • Charging or pricing as per the measurements on top of the bridge


  • Checking the entire vehicle weight and also the weight of the axle to prevent overloading the vehicle and heavy fines that may accrue.

These weight truck scales are mostly used by companies that either manufacture or transport heavy items. They include garbage companies, quarries, mines, household goods, electrical supplies and liquid goods. These weight truck scales provide a quick and simple way to ascertain the weight of heavy goods from different locations.

An axle weighing system is usually used to examine the entire weight of the vehicle as well as each axle weight to ascertain whether the vehicle can safely make a journey on any road or highway without being fined for overloading.

Edmonton truck scales are especially useful as they can provide the exact measurements of the motor vehicle. These scales are designed and engineered to take on very heavy trucks. These weight truck scales will be able to provide the most accurate measurements irrespective of how heavy the load is. Edmonton weight scales are either made out of concrete or steel. They can be mounted on a surface or inside a pit. They also comply with some of the highest performance and quality control standards. These scales are almost the same as the usual truck size scale in that they can also be mounted inside a pit or on a concrete foundation with its weighing surface at the same point with the road.

These weight scales for measuring trucks are available in a variety of customized configurations to suit the needs of each user. They are produced in a number of different sizes and can be manufactured for just about any length combination. Their driving surfaces can either be concrete or steel, and there are also other custom features such as a longer wearing steel driving surface and a grain dump opening. You can also customize your own colour.


For a myriad of uses, such as temporary road blocks and weighing stations, weight truck scales have an electronic cell for weighing. The vehicle is supposed to pass through this cell. A computer is then used to record the cells and the entire weight of the truck. The weight of each axle is calculated to ensure that the truck is within the allowable weight limit, and the weight of vehicles is taken to ensure that bridges are safe and the surface of the road is protected.

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